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Well, the 2010 Christmas project is nearing  its climax, with a spectrum of deliverables arriving on a timetable that started in the UK High Street in August and will end with NORADs Santa tracker on the night of 24th December, so we can follow Santas progress all around the world to our own chimneys.
Of course, its not a universal holiday across the globe, and whilst some of us are feasting on seasonal goodies, others will be working without a break, and yet others still would be glad to share even a small portion of what we have.

Theres lots to look forward to in Project-Land in 2011 APMs Registered Project Professional designation, which becomes available in March, is already generating a buzz of interest and the Body of Knowledge Refresh due to deliver towards the end of the year , to name but two!

As a reminder of how tradition can blend with technology, you might like the following digital perspective on the Christmas story -

Hope everyone has a good holiday and that 2011 is a good year for us all!


Posted by on 21st Dec 2010

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