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Andrew Fox | ChPP

  • Junior project manager, Commonwealth government – 2001

  • Member of the AIPM - 2006 

  • Programme director, The Project Bureau – 2008 – present

  • Prince2® Practitioner & MSP Practitioner – 2009

  • Certified Practicing Project Director – 2013

  • Member of the APM – 2015

  • Masters of Project Management (MPM) Degree, University of Adelaide – 2015

  • Doctor of project management (DPM), University of South Australia - 2016 – present

  • University Lecturer (MPM) Charles Sturt University 2016 – 2018

  • University Lecturer (MPM) Australian National University – 2017 – present

  • Fellow of higher education academy (FHEA) – 2017

  • Project management mentor – 2017

  • AIPM RegPM Assessor - 2018

  • Praxis PPM Framework practitioner – 2020

  • Chartered project professional – 2020

Andrew Fox 620Px

As a professional project and programme manager, obtaining a CPPD certification has been instrumental in being able to win business as it provides The Project Bureau customers with the assurance that their projects and programmes are being managed efficiently and effectively which reduces their risk.

Having now gained chartered status means that I have achieved a level of recognition that goes beyond our borders here in Australia. Being a chartered project professional is universally recognised as being an expert in the field of project management and means that I am now a part of an elite global group of experienced and competent project professionals.

Obtaining chartership is important for us as individual project professionals as well as our profession as it holds us to a standard comparable with all the other chartered professions such as engineers and accountants and let’s face it, for too long it has been too easy for anybody to put the title of project manager in their signature block and suddenly be responsible for millions of dollars of a customer’s money. Money that is often wasted through poor project leadership that the business could be using in to grow their business, provide jobs, invest in product improvement, the list goes on…

I would encourage anyone that is thinking about cementing their CPPD or CPPE recognitions with chartership to just go ahead and do it. It has helped and is helping my business and it helps our profession.

You wouldn’t have your accounts managed by anything less than a chartered accountant, you wouldn’t have a major construction undertaken by anything less than a charted engineer, why expect projects and programmes managed by anything less than a chartered project professional?

What are you tips for applying to become ChPP?

Be prepared. It isn’t a hard process if you just do your research, do your planning and then go for it. If you get to interview stage, then really your application started many years ago when you were out there getting yelled at by an angry stakeholder, losing sleep because you think you missed something, worrying about your team burning out, getting frustrated that the client wont sign off that last deliverable. That’s when your application started to become chartered and this process is simply demonstrating the experience that you already have.

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