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Mark Smith | ChPP RPP FAPM

  • RPP - July 2014
  • MAPM - July 2014
  • ChPP - Oct 2018
  • FAPM - July 2019
Mark Smith 620Px

What inspired you to become a Chartered Project Professional?
I wanted to lead the way in the BBC to show the benefit of professionally qualified and experienced practitioners delivering strategically important projects.

What has the impact been on your career since becoming a Chartered Project Professional?
I have used my ChPP status to promote this accreditation to senior practitioners in the BBC resulting in fellow project professional applying for the standard.

Would you recommend becoming a Chartered Project Professional?
I would recommend project practitioners work towards ChPP, so that they become recognised by their peers and the public as competent to deliver major projects. This will encourage young people into the profession if they see it is on a par with engineering, law and accountancy.