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Ian Cribbes FAPMIan Cribbs

Founder/director, IMC&T Ltd

Looking back, I suppose that my first encounter with Project Management was in 1978 when I was part of a small team designing and commissioning a, then, state of the art, Systems Simulator for the brand-new Lynx helicopter which was coming into service with the British Army.

My career progressed into civil aviation where I was employed as a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Technical Instructor teaching everything mechanical on light fixed wing aircraft and helicopters to Boing 747’s. During this time, I worked with the CAA in the re-writing of their complete question bank relating to licences in helicopter maintenance.

Later head-hunted by British Aerospace (now BAE Systems) to work in Saudi Arabia where I instructed on F15 and F5 aircraft, I was told I would be instructing on the Lightening aircraft on which I had just completed a rush course – only to be informed they had left. Life soon morphed into Project Management where I tasked with the design and installation of a multi-media instructional solution for the Technical Academy with circa 3,500 trainees. Following this I became involved in a wide range of projects covering marine and aerospace equipment. My final role in Saudi Arabia was as one of the senior Programme Managers covering a major upgrade to the Tornado aircraft on behalf of the Royal Saudi Air Force. My role involved bringing everything together – the upgraded aircraft, new equipment, training of both aircrew and ground crew and the release of the aircraft back into operational service.

On return to the UK in late 2012 I formed my own consultancy company (IMC&T Ltd). Under this umbrella I have worked with a wide range of organisations from the aerospace industry, defence organisations, Business / Financial Think Tank, higher educational establishments, central and local government departments, national hotel chain, Grade 1 Listed Church conservation and reordering.

Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to be involved in projects ranging from quite small to those in the multi-billion-pound range.

I am one of the founding members of the Stakeholder Engagement Focus Group (part of the People SIG) and a member of the People SIG committee.