Developmental programme of the year

This category aims to recognise excellence in the delivery and outcomes/benefits of project management developmental programmes or schemes. This may include (but is not limited to): 

  • Graduate schemes
  • Apprenticeship schemes
  • Career development pathways

The category is open to organisations of all kinds, but the programme must be specifically related to educating and developing project, programme and portfolio management skills in their paid or voluntary employees. Entrants can be members or non-members of APM, from both in and outside of the UK.

Entries should take the form of a 1,000-word statement addressing the criteria below and up to two pieces of supporting evidence of no more than one page each which may only include:

  • images and/or graphics (no text, just short captions)
  • a link to a video no more than 2 minutes in length

  Category criteria 



  • Diverse and inclusive method of selection



  • Thorough induction
  • Programme includes all key competencies of project management
  • Programme includes exposure to industry
  • Programme includes specific area of responsibility and ownership
  • Good level of support and advice on ongoing development and recruitment (e.g. access to employers, or career progression opportunities/education in career pathways in current organisation.)


Potential for impact 

  • High percentage of people going through the programme progressed to a higher position in project management in the year after completion – use case studies, stats etc.
  • The programme has been of benefit to the organisation – i.e. what processes have been improved following lessons learned by those going through the programme. Could include organisational/cultural change as well as project management process improvements.
  • The programme has been of benefit to the profession – i.e. what legacy has this programme left/will leave in the future to the profession?


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