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Festival of Education and Research 2023

~ Winner of Postgraduate Dissertation of the Year ~

Maresca Demanuele - University of Sussex

Delving into the Front End: Exploring Innovation and Sustainability in Renewable Energy Projects

There is a need for the world to become more sustainable. This dissertation explores the front-end (FE) of renewable energy projects, through a systemic lens.

The FE, in project management, including all preliminary emergence activities, is considered to have the greatest effect on project outcomes. This inductive research comprises systematic literature reviews and interviews, and evaluations of behaviours in project case studies using causal loop diagrams.

The key contributions to the profession are a conceptual framework integrating innovation, sustainability, and project management through systems thinking, highlighting key elements for harmonising with SDGs, and nine pillars for improving FE project management.

Maresca Demanuele Postgrad Dissertation Square

Criteria aims 

This category recognises outstanding dissertations that demonstrate relevance to the project profession.

The category is open to entrants from all sectors involved in master’s level study. To be eligible to enter this category the master’s degree must have been awarded in the academic year 2021/22. A dissertation may only be entered into this category once. Entrants can be members or non-members of APM, from both in and outside of the UK.