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Tom BarnardistonTom Barnardiston

Self-Employed Project Consultant (Ltd Company) - within the Asset Management/Financial Services industry

I am a husband and father to two children (8 and 11 years old) and in my free time, I like to train in martial arts, watch test cricket, and drive my classic motorbike. I enjoy helping Age UK (telephone friendship service) and within the APM, I volunteer on the Systems Thinking and Governance Specific Interest Groups.

I have 15 years of experience leading and advising asset management firms on regulatory and complex business change. Over recent years I have focused on developing my soft skills to help deliver change in the right way.

After graduating and traveling abroad in my early 20s, I started working in the city of London as an operations analyst and then moved on to management operational line roles before working full-time as a project manager in early 2008. This was by chance, as the business division was closed down and I had the opportunity to take on a new role within the same firm.