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APM to introduce new volunteer offering in 2024

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New and exciting changes are coming to APM’s volunteering offering in 2024 that will maximise and diversify opportunities for members and project professionals to volunteer with their chartered organisation.  

APM is supported by a broad and diverse community of volunteers; leading project professionals, who dedicate their time to thought leadership, education outreach, mentoring and other valuable activities.  

Today’s announcement recognises this commitment and reflects the findings of a recent review that explored how APM could best support its volunteers and introduce new opportunities for others to get involved. This includes through more flexible volunteering opportunities and greater exposure of volunteer activities to APM members.   

Central to the change is the introduction of Volunteer Networks, which reflects the connectivity among APM volunteers to one another to achieve common goals.  

The key changes that will come into effect from April 2024 are:  

New Task and Finish Groups  

Task and Finish Groups will be formed to deliver high profile or complex volunteering outputs, including publishing, events and research. This will bring new opportunities to those who wish to offer their time or have a vested interest in what is being undertaken.  

Each group will be formed from the ground up with recruitment for each group open to new and current volunteers. The groups will be supported by our newly introduced Volunteer Delivery Group, which will be on hand to offer guidance and oversight where required.  

‘Branches’ to become ‘Regional Networks’ 

Regional Networks, formerly Branches, will continue their vital role as the local voice of APM and the project profession across schools, businesses and professional networks within their region. 

Each Regional Network will be headed by a Lead and Deputy Lead, with new volunteering opportunities within the network team for those who wish to volunteer. Each role may have a focus (i.e., school engagement or events) depending how each team wishes to operate.     

APM will be recruiting for Regional Network Leads and Deputy Network Leads in January 2024. 

‘Specific Interest Groups to become ‘Interest Networks’ 

Interest Networks, previously Specific Interest Groups (SIGs), are thought leaders in their chosen subjects. They champion exploration and advancement in their specialism with their finger firmly on the pulse of what is around the corner.  

In 2024, APM will be launching an online space for each Interest Network to meet, network and discuss topics most pressing in their field. APM Members will have early access to this platform from Spring 2024.  

This online space will maximise the exposure of conversations and developments pertinent to project professionals in specific areas and allow new opportunities for a broader international range of project professionals to get involved.  

APM’s ‘Volunteer Steering Group’ to become ‘APM Volunteer Delivery Group’  

APM’s Volunteer Steering Group (VSG) is to receive a refined focus under the new name of APM Volunteer Delivery Group (VDG), that will underpin the delivery of all APM volunteering activities. This focus will ensure volunteers who commit their time will receive the support they need and give those on the VDG a chance to have a real impact in their role.  

Commenting on the changes, Manuela Impellizzeri Kemp, APM’s Head of Events and Volunteer Engagement said; all changes announced today are focused on raising the awareness and accessibility of volunteering across APM, maximising new opportunities for everyone who is interested in getting involved to benefit from volunteering.  

The previous Committee structure that headed Branches and SIGs will evolve into Network Teams, offering everyone a place to actively engage. 

APM continues to be thankful to all those who offer their time as volunteers and encourages all Members to consider volunteering in a role that suits them when recruitment starts in January 2024.  


View and apply for the Network Volunteer roles.


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  1. Andrew Baber
    Andrew Baber 18 December 2023, 02:37 PM

    Can we assume that these new Regional Networks will not be fully effective (monthly meetings and plans / events for the coming year) until these Regional Network Leads and Deputy Network Leads are in place, are these leads and deputy leads to replace the chair and vice chairs of the old branch set up? Where does the budget / accounting / finance role come in to this, is this part of leads role to manage? I see these Regional Network Team will be made up of following areas, all requiring a volunteer resource?: 1. Membership 2. CPD Events 3. Education Outreach 4. Emerging Project Professionals 5. Cross-Profession relationships 6. Corporate Relationships 7. Awards and Competition Thanks in advance.

  2. Natalie Keppler
    Natalie Keppler 18 December 2023, 04:55 PM

    Hi Andy, The new structure will come in to effect in April - we are working to have Regional Network Leads/Deputy Leads appointed ahead of launching this. In the interim, branch teams should continue to meet regularly and plan activity as usual - hopefully most of our existing branch committees will stay on as Regional Network Volunteers. One of our goals with these changes is to allow volunteers to focus on their activities and spend less time on business planning, so finances will be managed by APM staff, in close collaboration with regional volunteer teams. The areas you've listed are suggested focus streams aimed at aligning regional network activities with APM's strategy, but it would be very much up to individual teams to decide which of these fit with their own goals and areas of focus. Hope that helps, Natalie

  3. Daniel obisie
    Daniel obisie 08 January 2024, 04:56 PM

    Subject: Request for Hands-on Practical Voluntary Roles for Student Members Dear Natalie Keppler, I hope you are doing great. I am writing to inquire about the possibility of accommodating student members for hands-on practical voluntary roles and activities within the association. I believe that gaining practical experience is vital for our development as successful project managers. By actively participating in real-world projects and activities, we can apply our theoretical knowledge and hone our skills in a practical setting. I would greatly appreciate it if the association could offer opportunities for student members to engage in voluntary roles that align with our areas of interest and specialisation. These roles could involve assisting with ongoing projects, collaborating with experienced professionals, or contributing to specific initiatives aimed at developing our project management skills. By getting involved in these hands-on activities, we can acquire valuable experience, learn about practical challenges and solutions, and enhance our capabilities to meet the demands of the project management profession. Additionally, these opportunities would allow us to establish connections within the industry and potentially open doors for future career opportunities. I kindly request your consideration and support in providing student members with practical roles and activities that enable us to contribute to the association and further our professional growth. Thank you for taking the time to consider my request. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and any potential opportunities that may arise. Best regards, Daniel Project Management Student Member - P0528726

  4. Sneha Mahamuni
    Sneha Mahamuni 10 January 2024, 11:46 PM

    Hi Natalie Keppler, I hope you are doing great. I have the same request as mentioned by Daniel Obisie. It would really add-on to the learning experience if we are able to connect and work along with our peers, to gain real-world experience. Thank you for considering our request. Than You, Sneha Mahamuni Project Management Student Member-P0565534

  5. Matthew Tucker
    Matthew Tucker 11 February 2024, 11:03 PM

    Hi Sneha, Daniel please make sure you apply for the volunteer opportunity that you think would interest you - the regional network opportunities are now open:

  6. Blessing Anyiman
    Blessing Anyiman 05 February 2024, 04:36 PM

    HI Natalie, I would like to enquire as to the possibility of volunteering as a student member.

  7. Matthew Tucker
    Matthew Tucker 11 February 2024, 11:04 PM

    Hi Blessing, please make sure you apply for the volunteer opportunity that you think would interest you - the regional network opportunities are now open:

  8. Tanyiatem Walter Defang
    Tanyiatem Walter Defang 13 February 2024, 03:32 PM

    Great as this takes off, the networking aspects that brings some quality experiences can not be under look, well done. At some point, as these volunteers teams and network grows we would see some direct positives to members.