NewSE Bites: stakeholder engagement is a hot topic this year

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In September's edition of "NewSE Bites": stakeholder engagement is a hot topic this year

In this month’s “NewSE Bites” we have a mixed assortment of events, blogs and posts, research articles, plus a review of “The Entrepreneur’s Book” by Neil Francis, which is absolutely full of stakeholder related material.

Here’s a stat that might make you think about how important stakeholder engagement is becoming. When searched using Google Scholar, the terms “stakeholder engagement” and “project management” scored 16,800 hits in the period 2017 to 2019. That’s 28 hits a day. This impressive stat emphasises that SE is one of the truly hot topics of the year.

NewSE Bites gives you a taste of the latest developments.



Posted on 3rd Sep 2019
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