Thames Valley branch event - New Year's Resolution: in 2019 I want to become... a Project Professional?

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The Thames Valley branch hosted a qualifications and standards evening in January which attracted a diverse group of people, including students, associates, members, fellows and non-members of APM.

Carol Bell ChPP RPP HonFAPM and David Coombes ChPP RPP MAPM facilitated an enjoyable interactive session which started with an overview of APM and an introduction to the Competency Framework and the Body of Knowledge.

David went on to use the APM website to demonstrate the qualifications currently available and how they typically align to APM membership. An explanation of the journey to Chartership was provided, before handing over to Carol for a group discussion on the routes to becoming ChPP. Many of the people attending were keen to understand the relationship between RPP and ChPP. What was the best approach to gaining ChPP? Does RPP still have a future? Can PPQ or PQ help me in my ChPP application? Carol and David were able to answer these questions and many more.

Carol explained the differences between RPP and ChPP, and what applicants should consider before embarking on their journey towards Chartership. The RPP application process has two routes – Developmental (for those people with PPQ or PQ) or Experiential (7+ years’ experience). ChPP has three routes: Route1 for those with PQ or PPQ; Route 2 for RPP holders; and Route 3 for people with no previous assessment of project management technical knowledge. The APM website was used to demonstrate the information and support available to potential applicants for either RPP or ChPP.

The volume and type of questions certainly demonstrated a very engaged audience and prizes were awarded for the best questions asked! This event is set to become a regular feature in the TVB calendar. Have you started on your new year’s resolution?


Posted on 27th Feb 2019
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