The leadership challenge - is it easy to identify good leaders

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Midland’s branch held a very intriguing event on leadership on 20 July 2017 in the pleasant surroundings and convenient MK College in Central Milton Keynes with over 20 delegates who were able to enjoy the networking opportunity and the delicious refreshments.

Introduced by Midland's Chair Roger Garrini, Russel Jamieson provided a reminder of the purpose and activity of the People SIG to the very diverse audience before describing some of the traits of leaders. It is important that we understand that projects only succeed if they are run by good and confident leaders and it is the team that takes a project to its final destination and, without a good leader time, cost and benefits can be easily lost.

An interactive session followed where the audience was asked to respond to opposing pairs of these traits and vote with their feet as to which they felt were most appropriate. There was plenty of discussion within the groups and the traits were very thought provoking. The overall results would have surprised a less informed audience as the majority seemed to suggest that softer skills were most welcomed and successful.
A short Q&A session ended a pleasant and useful event and it is appreciated that Russel Jamieson was able to deliver an inter-active and thought provoking event.

Roger Garrini

The presentations can also be viewed on APM Slideshare page (part one) and (part two).

Posted on 24th Jul 2017
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