We are all different but that's ok: how to get the best out of a diverse team

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Posted by Catherine Bendell on 31st Jul 2017

On 28 June 2017, John Hardwick (MoreFrom Coaching) gave an excellent talk about the Diversity within teams in Bristol, how to identify what characteristics individuals have and how having a range of these within a team leads to success.

The talk was very insightful and talked through a range of personality identification models and gave linkages to leadership with interactive elements. An interesting activity we all completed focused on preferred language styles, where one individual from a small group would tell a story and we would then identify whether they were a Visual, Auditory or Kinaesthetic.

This task definitely gave us some food for thought and even challenged existing conceptions on styles. All in all the session was great and taught us to not only think differently about our interactions with others but also to have an appreciation of one’s self and preferred styles (a question set to identify your style can be found here).

A copy of the presentation can also be found the APM Slideshare page.

Stevie Gosling


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