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How important is sector knowledge when managing a project?

Project management is established as a pan-sector discipline, but are there (or should there be) significant differences between the way it is executed, according to sector?

In this web briefing, the online community looked at:

  • Why sector expertise is important
  • Why sector experience is less important
  • The balance between the two

Web briefings are developed from the APM Community, resulting from discussions and questions asked, the content is developed from users’ responses and edited by APM.

Web briefings are constantly evolving and we look to the community to develop and improve them, therefore, please contribute to this discussion to create some valuable collaborative advice for your peers.


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Back to Basics: Musings on successful projects and North West branch committee election results 2017/18.

26 May 2017

The North West branch held its Annual General meeting (AGM) on 17th May 2017 at the Suites Hotel in Knowsley. The branch were delighted to share the evening with presenter Andrew Ramwell, Managing Director of Know and Do Ltd, who presented “Back to Basics: Musings on successful projects”.

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