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Project productivity tool

The attached research report provides a summary of the research project that was undertaken, approved and funded by the APM’s volunteer research fund. The project was sponsored by the Enabling Change SIG and the timelines for completion were from May 2015 to May 2016.

The research report provides background into the research, overall objectives, outputs and the methodology followed. It also provides a brief overview of the theory underpinning the research, findings and a couple of case studies on how the tool has been used in practice.

The tool can be used to improve the productivity of project and programme teams or the groups and/or team being directly impacted by the change.

Furthermore, the tool can be used as a one-off intervention or as a vehicle for measurement over time to do a trend analysis of the overall scores for benchmarking purposes.

The most important point to remember is that the value is not in the scores but in the conversations, that follow.
By using this diagnostic, practitioners will understand if they are doing better or worse than the ‘norm’ group across multiple behavioural measurement points.

This is valuable as it aids forecasting and can be developed into an effective behavioural risk assessment extending current best practice.

Download the productivity tool

Download the Norm table PDF

Download the research report

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