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Reporting risks to the board

APM Risk SiG Conference 26th October 2006


The purpose of this paper is to summarise the key points from the various presentations and knowledge sharing session held at the October meeting of the Risk SiG. It should provide a reminder for those at the event of the main issues, tips and suggestions for reporting risks to the board. It may also be useful for anyone not present who has an interest in this topic.

This paper should be read in conjunction with the presentations which are available for viewing here.


The target audience for this paper is predominately project and programme managers. However others involved in operational or business risk would find many of the ideas useful.


The presenters were asked to provide their views on reporting risks to the board. They were given a brief which highlighted 4 topics for consideration and were asked to reflect on those areas from as many perspectives as possible. After the main presentations the delegates split into 4 Knowledge Sharing Network (KSN) groups to discuss each topic. Whilst the body of this paper maintains that structure, many of the key points were identified several times in different areas. For simplicity each key point has been placed in its predominant section.


Download the full report.


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