The internationalisation of project management research: implications for higher education and professional practice

What is the research?

This study aims to investigate how the internationalisation of project management (PM) research has been reflected in the delivery of higher education programmes in the UK and the resultant implications for cross-border PM project professionals.

The study, which will be undertaken by Dr Allan Osborne and Vasile Gadinceanu, will build upon the findings of research undertaken by the principal applicant (Vasile Gadinceanu) and his research supervisor (Dr Allan Osborne) while studying for a master’s degree in PM at a UK higher education institution (HEI). The results of the project showed that although US-based researchers dominate the discipline of PM, a recent trend of greater internationalisation is now, apparently, in full swing.

Why is it important?

Findings from the study will be of value to the APM, universities and project professionals alike. The study has the potential to discover what gaps exist in the delivery of HEI master’s programmes in PM and if changes are needed. Results from this investigation could also be used to inform the APM Body of Knowledge (APMBoK) potentially. The originality of this topic lies in the fact that there are hardly any studies of the internationalisation of PM knowledge and, consequently, there is little debate in the academic and professional communities regarding the issue.

Who is the intended audience?

The study itself is targeted towards individuals and organisations involved in or with an interest in the delivery of master’s programmes in Project management and related fields and the development of knowledge-based competencies for project professionals.

How can I take part in the research or find out more?

We are interested in hearing from HEI programme leaders and project professionals alike so if you would like to take part in an interview or would like further information please contact Dr Allan Osborne directly via:

What are the benefits in taking part?

The study will explore the issue of knowledge exchange and integration in HEI programmes and professional practice. By taking part you will help enhance the understanding of how the internationalisation of project management (PM) research has been reflected in the delivery of higher education programmes in the UK.

Any other considerations?

The project will handle data confidentially and in accordance with the Data Protection Act. The anonymity of organisations and individuals will be preserved where participants require this.

Who are the research leads?

Allan Osborne is Principal Lecturer in Project Management and Faculty Director of Postgraduate Research at Northumbria University.
Vasile Gadinceanu is an experienced Project Manager currently working on a portfolio of significant projects in the Railway Industry in the North East of England for Nexus.

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