Alexander Davies and Adam Thiery

Principal risk consultant, Costain

Alexander has spent the last 14 years within the Defence Industry working in aerospace, marine and nuclear. Alexander has a keen interest in both risk management and project controls but has largely been working as a risk professional in this time. Holding a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Systems Engineering, Alexander has always held a natural inquisitiveness to understand how systems work. This has further fuelled his drive and desire to work on the most complex projects and programmes to gain greater insight, and therefore develop solutions tailored to successfully enhance delivery for clients and customers.

Risk management technical coach, UK MoD - Cost Assurance & Analysis Service

Adam specialises in risk management and quantitative risk modelling, to ensure that risk management and risk analysis is being implemented effectively across Defence in line with the strategic mandate as the leaders in cost management. As a subject matter expert, he advises and supports programmes and projects in the correct application of risk modelling to fulfil risk analysis requirements to aid and inform effective and intelligent decisions throughout the project life cycle. Adam is passionate in the benefits of statistical risk modelling in support of active risk management.

Presentation Synopsis - Understanding the assessment of risk through the defence project life cycle

The presentation includes how risk is assessed (estimated) on major defence projects and through the project life cycle, the key concepts and approaches which underpin this assessment, and a short review of key findings from the practical implementation within real world environments. The presentation further explores different approaches to assessing risk including; structure, modelling technique and time variation.

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