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APM are keen to support the research of students at all levels regarding the management of projects. APM members can promote their existing research to encourage participants by sending a short summary, research link, end of survey closing date and membership number to

To share previous research outputs which may benefit the wider community please get in touch.

Take part in research and help develop the profession

Why not have your say and give your opinions on the latest project and programme management techniques by taking part in research projects from students and the wider project management community. Your input will help to develop the knowledge base of project management and drive the profession forward.

List of current research by students:

The following is a list of current and recent requests from students for assistance and contributions to aid their research activities.  Please note that some of these are date sensitive. 

  • Increase in unemployment within the oil and gas industry

The downturn within the oil and gas industry has resulted in various impacts such as decline in oil prices, decline in rig counts, job cuts (i.e increase in unemployment), global financial crises and distressed energy companies. For the purpose of this research study, the focus is on the increase in unemployment within the oil and gas industry. 

The survey is open until 31 May.

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