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“You must network” is a message that we all hear all the time. But if you’ve asked yourself whether you really need to spend precious time on that effort, consider these scary statistics:

  • Research suggests that as many as 60 per cent of job opportunities are not advertised.
  • In 2010, 42 per cent of new jobs were found through networking.
  • Most experts agree that 60 per cent of time spent during a job hunt should be devoted to networking, not responding to job adverts or polishing a CV.

Nurturing relationships is therefore a very important weapon in the armoury of the career-minded project management professional. Its value cannot be underestimated and it is not a single activity. So, what practical steps can you take?

One place to begin is to build a professional profile on LinkedIn and Facebook. Recruitment agencies constantly use LinkedIn to source quality candidates. In fact, a recent social recruiting survey by applicant tracking system Jobvite stated that 94 per cent of job recruiters use LinkedIn (up from 78 per cent in 2010). The same survey suggested that 66 per cent of recruiters use Facebook, and 52 per cent use Twitter.

How else can you network? Well, APM provides part of the solution by organising hundreds of events, which means there is no excuse not to take part. I recently met Emma Arnaz-Pemberton, chair of its PMO SIG committee. Like all the committed APM volunteers, she invests a great deal of time and effort, but states that: “The biggest gain from being involved is the networking opportunities.”

Yes, it might take one or two evenings a month, but surely your career is worth this investment? Managers look to make confident hiring decisions. They do not want to take risks. The realisation that “Oh yes, I met that candidate at an event last year” immediately increases your chances of success. With that in mind, it’s time to engage.

Vince Hines is managing director at Wellingtone Project Management, an APM career development partner.

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Vince Hines

Posted by Vince Hines on 4th Feb 2016

About the Author

Vince is the Managing Director of Wellingtone, the project management recruitment, training and consulting company based in Windsor, Berkshire. The Association for Project Management and Wellingtone have formed a unique alliance to provide a career development service to the project management profession. Wellingtone is also an APM accredited training company and a Microsoft Gold Partner for Project and Portfolio Management. Vince is an expert Project Management Consultant, having worked with clients across the UK, US and Europe. He retains a number of professional qualifications including MAPM and has extensive real world experience of developing client project management maturity. As Managing Director of Wellingtone Vince has a particular insight into career development and recruitment of project management professionals and is a judge for the Annual APM Awards.

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