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The back issues of the APM PMO SIG newsletters are available for viewing on this page.
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As part of our PMO Wisdom series, this year’s PMO SIG annual conference takes PMO people back to what’s important – value. This conference is for those looking to improve the value PMO brings to their organisation including PMO Practitioners (PMO Managers or those working within a PMO), Portfolio Managers, Project/Programme Managers or Business Leaders.
APM wishes to expressly highlight that it is keen to have a diverse board with a mix of skills, experiences, sectors and backgrounds.
As part of our work to prepare for the PMO and Value conference, PMO SIG asked Reinhard Wagner, President of IPMA to let us have his views on PMO, value, and even to give us some PMO Wisdom advice!
As part of bringing real PMOs to our members, our PMO Wisdom Series provides us with an opportunity to interview PMO professionals that bring new and interesting points of view regarding the industry. This is a recorded interview with Colin Ellis, a co-owner of Project NPS in Australia.
PMO wisdom interview with Laura Barnard, the CEO of PMO Strategies in the United States.
In this issue of our newsletter you can find out what PMO SIG have been up to as well as some of the exciting events we have coming up. All wrapped up with a dose of the hot topics from around the industry and our first ever PMO Wisdom interview!
All in all, the Benefits Summit was full, with insightful speakers, and lots of interaction. A good day had by all. I was one of the people tasked with running a workshop – PMO and its Role in Benefits Management. My workshop was oversubscribed (which I will take as a positive), and was geared to get the delegates talking. We discussed the merits of understanding what value means to different organisations and the types of benefits that exist, followed by why benefits management is so hard to embed, the blockers, and political aspects of it.