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The latest APM Board meeting occurred on 11th September at Ibis House. It was nice to see some faces that could not make it to the previous meeting, and yet again it was a thoroughly engaging day.

One of the APM documents that has had a lot of focus recently is the Community Charter this is a document that lays out the relationship between all the stakeholders in the the APM community these include members, both individual and corporate, volunteers, as well as Honorary Fellows, Board Members and Higher Education Institutes, and the Ibis House team. For members, and those members that volunteer in particular, it is an interesting document. For APM, it helps to delineate how it invests in its volunteers and forms a key part of the Investing in Volunteers accreditation. Keep an eye out for this document being published!

Other key documents that have had a lot of work are the Strategy documents some of you will now have been briefed on this at the Branch and SIG forums, as well as at the CMAG forum. As a project manager, I specialise in dealing with the day-to-day tactics of how to achieve the deliverables required. Unless I make a conscious effort to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, I know that I struggle to understand the necessary levels of uncertainty that is strategy.

I fully support the 2020 vision of A world in which all projects succeed and for the first time I can see how strategy works it is the equivalent of looking at a project Level 0 schedule and it provides a motorway level map of routes to achieving a vision.

Strategy allows you to understand where on those routes activities fit in and how it all feeds into the final strategy. I feel confident that underpinning this Level 0 strategy is the necessary structure and rigour that will get us to a state that will allow us to succeed in all projects.

One of the strands that is important for APM is to be a source of best practice and thought leadership within the profession the studies that are run by volunteers each year form part of this strand and remain a key part of sharing best practice.

The first 2012 study is hosting an event on October 24th on Gamification in Reading please do feel free to sign up for the event it promises to be interactive and thought-provoking.


Posted by Fernande van Schelle on 22nd Oct 2012

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