Help, I've just trained everyone!

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Part3 of a farce in 6 parts. Why not help 'David' by posting your answers below?

Dear all,

Im now starting to worry a bit, Im not sure Im really changing anything. Ive just gone and completed a round of project and programme management training we are all now MSP and PRINCE2 practitioners. We did it for really good reasons. Our senior stakeholders could not believe that our project and programme managers really knew what they were doing, so we made sure that they did.

Unfortunately, all that seems to have happened is that weve spent a lot on training everyone, Ive already had a couple of people leave and said thank-you for the improved career prospects and that it is a shame that we dont have a framework they can do business within but at least our HR director will receive his bonuses as we have moved our expertise forwards. It is still a shame though that not one director knows what portfolio management is.

Im getting all kinds of stick for doing what I thought was the right thing. Help - Where did I go wrong?

Yours Etc

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David Dunning

Posted by David Dunning on 5th Apr 2013

About the Author

David Dunning is the founding director at Chase Management Services and Chair of Corporate Project Solutions. He provides director level advice, guidance and critical friendship in portfolio, programme and project management. He is very interested in aligning innovation and portfolio management, and is currently focusing on developing a core P3M data model with other volunteers to give the public domain the basis for a shareable P3M Governance framework.

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