November 2012 board meeting

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Two months can zip by quite quickly, and before you know it you are back at Ibis House for the next board meeting.

This time the formula was a little different, board members were invited (as are Members, Fellows and Honorary Fellows of the APM) to attend the AGM on the eve of the board meeting. This is the time where the APM membership can find out how the APM has been doing throughout the year and questions can be asked of the board and its executive.

As a first APM AGM that I have attended, it was an enlightening experience. Not only was the business aspect of the meeting dealt with efficiently, but the range of members in attendance was phenomenal. From representatives from the Higher Apprenticeship scheme, to at least 3 founding members, it was an event where questions, answers and discussions flowed freely. I would recommend for any active member to attend.

The AGM is also the event at which the result of the board election is announced. Personally, I am sad to see some of the characters who I know gave so much to the APM take their leave. On the other hand, Im really excited to be working in close proximity to Alan Macklin, Monica Sasso, Steve Wake and Sarah Coleman who all bring so much to the table. Congratulations to you all!

This years AGM also saw Martin Barnes stand down as the APM president and Tom Taylor was announced as the new president. Martin is a founding member of the APM and has done fantastic work as the president over the last decade. He will be missed. However, Tom took on the challenge of filling Martins shoes with aplomb and his acceptance speech showed he was more than up to the task.

The board meeting the next day showed that our new board members did indeed have much to bring to the table. The ambience of the board meeting was altered due to the new board members, who each bring a fresh pair of eyes and their own expertise. They question the status quo in a different way and emphasise different points during a discussion.

One of the things that the new board members bring a fresh view to is the 2020 Strategy I think that at this pivotal time in launching the strategy these new eyes will strengthen both internal and external communications by their questioning.

An important question to consider back at work for me is: What defines success?, What does success mean to me, and to my stakeholders? and Which of my key stakeholders will be the one to define success?.

If the key stakeholder to define success is a Sponsor do you have one? Is your project in difficulty if you dont?


Posted by Fernande van Schelle on 28th Nov 2012

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