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Portfolio management solves problems. But setting up the business systems, change management and sustained action necessary to deliver it are significant challenges facing our organisations today.

While engagement with programme and project management professionals may suffice when pursuing benefits in those specific disciplines, the strategic content and governance regimes required mean that portfolio management can only be fully exploited through leadership from the most senior levels.

The APM Portfolio Management SIG would like to spread the portfolio message far and wide. Through the APM membership we can reach the practitioners. However, we would like to reach the CxO level i.e. the most senior people within our businesses who could benefit from portfolio management, and more importantly, actually have the clout and leadership to drive and embed it.

We have some suggestions but are seeking to run a workshop where we can come up with concrete ideas around:

  • How to engage one-to-one with the CxO level?
  • What messages would be most effective in connecting problems to remedies?
  • What are the risks in this kind of direct approach?

From this, we would like to prepare some guidance for the APM community around how to get practical backing for portfolio / resource management initiatives.

It would be good to bring together a small group of people who have either been successful in doing this, who have failed gloriously (with scars to share), or who are about to start the process.

Please do post up here with comments or advice, or contact us privately if youd prefer to be involved actively. We want to make this happen soon.

David Dunning

Posted by David Dunning on 6th Feb 2013

About the Author

David Dunning is the founding director at Chase Management Services and Chair of Corporate Project Solutions. He provides director level advice, guidance and critical friendship in portfolio, programme and project management. He is very interested in aligning innovation and portfolio management, and is currently focusing on developing a core P3M data model with other volunteers to give the public domain the basis for a shareable P3M Governance framework.

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