What is it that makes people believe they have created 'the next big thing' for project management?

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What is it that makes people believe they have created 'the next big thing' for project management?

Over the past few years organisations are starting to be created or are presenting the 'new' methodology in project management or the methodology for a sustainable future.

In actual fact project management is safe and well and is evolving into a discipline that recognises the differences in situations and bends and adapts to meet the needs of clients in an ever changing world.

The problem is that too many people are always looking for a quick fix or to make a quick win, and once they find they have bought into this 'new' revolutionary idea it tends to disappoint as it doesn't do what it professes to.

If we are to move the profession forward and we want to make project management credible among other more established trades and professions we need structure and guidance; that is not to say that fresh ideas would not be welcome, indeed innovations in our profession is what drives it forward.

If you want to understand your project or business context and how to make the approach more efficient or stable then there is a well known tool or technique that will give you that guidance, it is called PESTLE and when you use it right, it gives you greater understanding of what it is you can do and what you need to do.

Business is all about constantly changing and evolving but without the structure and discipline that our skills give us, we will never get on or stay on the right track.

So before you are tempted into making the world a better place with a 'new' methodology or concept, stop, think and then proceed with caution. New does not always mean improved.


Posted by Mark Reeson on 23rd Sep 2014

About the Author

Mark Reeson is a International Strategic Project Management Advisor for M R Project Solutions Limited, a member of the APM Sustainability in Project Management Community Group and an Ambassador for the APM in delivering the STEM programme with his Project Management for Children approach, which he started in February 2012, (SMART Project Management). He is currently working on a project in Dammam, KSA, where he is delivering a sustainable PMO solution for the Municipality as part of his SMART Vision integrating it with the Saudi Vision 203.  When he is not in the Kingdom, Mark continues to deliver as an accredited trainer providing services to clients for the PFQ, PMQ and RPP qualifications and accreditations in addition to him SMART programme to promote sustainability within project, supply chain and event management throughout the world.

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