When is the right time for change?

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I have been involved with the People SIG over several years, a committee member for most of this time, and Ive had some really rewarding experiences.

Over this time I have been witness to a number of changes where old friends have moved on and new ones made as committee members come and go. Its a sad occasion when we say goodbye to people who have been valued colleagues, and I have on occasion wondered how the group will be able to carry on its work. Needless to say, new faces pop up, the team reshapes itself and moves on, much as any project team adapts to changes in people.

This process of renewal is natural and in a way is beneficial despite the seeming loss of valuable assets. Changes bring in fresh faces with new ideas, invigorate the group dynamics and inject energy into the work we do, so, despite what could appear to be damaging losses to a team, it survives, thrives and develops new ideas into useful outputs (and assets).

Looking back at our theme of resilience for last year, I believe that the People SIG is resilient as a group because it has survived the challenges it set itself and has seen a change in people and their circumstances. I hope the same can be said for all the other APM SIGs and Branches.

This begs the question should we positively encourage change?

Is claiming to be a long standing committee member a false boast, and an indictment of a narrowness of interest and a stagnation of ambition?

We, as project management professionals, need to be skilled across a number of disciplines and cannot afford to be uni-dimensional in our skillsets.

Should we not, therefore, actively seek to engage and participate across the spectrum of SIGs to refresh our thinking, broaden our individual knowledge, and, pass on the lessons learned to the wider community?

Maybe now is the right time for me to think about a change, what about you?


Posted by Sion Jones on 28th Jan 2013

About the Author
Sion has worked in engineering & technology, principally aerospace & defence since 1980. He moved from Engineering to Programme Management in 1990, and has managed a range of software/hardware development projects and programmes. He has experience of international subcontract management and collaborative working and is currently employed by Quintec Associates, mostly on defence programmes with departures into underground rail and nuclear decommissioning domains. He was involvement with the People SIG from around 2008 before becoming a full committee member in 2010 until 2014. He took early retirement at the end of September 2015

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