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Phil Gerrard | ChPP MAPM

  • 2000 -Project & Contract Management, Environmental Consultancy
  • 2002 - Project & Contract Management, Nuclear Decommissioning
  • 2003 – APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ)
  • 2006 – Full member of APM (MAPM)
  • 2006 - Head of Project Function
  • 2011 - Contract Major Projects Manager in UK and Italy (£250m & €300m)
  • 2018 - Project Principal leading £600m+ programme and Head of Function for PM
  • 2018 – Chartered Project Professional (ChPP)
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What inspired you to become a Chartered Project Professional?
Desire to benchmark myself against a standard set by my peers and in doing so help establish the Project Profession.

What has the impact been on your career since becoming a Chartered Project Professional?
From a professional perspective the ChPP helps to establish your bona fides and is increasingly being asked for in the jobs market. On a personal level I think it gives a level of confidence to advocate on behalf of the profession.

Would you recommend becoming a Chartered Project Professional?
If you are calling yourself a Project Professional, then "walk-the-walk" and get chartered. It sends a clear message to your colleagues, clients and peers regarding your commitment to the continuing recognition of Project based skill sets in the professional environment.

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