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A sustainable future - governance, leadership and benefits. What will make the difference?

APM Benefits and Value and Governance SIG Conference 2023
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A sustainable future - governance, leadership and benefits. What will make the difference?

APM Benefits and Value and Governance joint SIG Conference - 10 October 2023

This conference brought together leaders of projects that have demonstrable sustainability benefits, to share their experience of the differences in approach that will be needed, at initiation, at planning and options selection, during project delivery, and through handover and into embedding, to ensure the planned benefits are realised.

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Date: 10 October 2023
Time: 08:30-17:00*
Venue: Park Plaza London Waterloo, London, SE1 7DP

Conference context

Environmental and Societal issues should be at the forefront of international, government and corporate investment projects. The risks of failure include extreme weather conditions, refugees and wars, leading to a substantial disruption to our economy and way of life.

Managing projects that deliver this sustainability requires different skills from the management that created this situation – governance that looks ahead to the handover and embedding, benefits management that puts a value on the circular economy, societal good and environmental repair.

Who should attend?

Project sponsors, including SROs and SPAs who are responsible for benefits and/or governance and will be able to explore the specific aspects of these relating to sustainability.

Project, programme or portfolio board members, who oversee Business Cases and approve stage gates.

People on project leadership teams or aspiring to project leadership, who will be called on to deliver environmental and sustainability benefits and need to understand what's being asked of them.

People responsible for engaging with stakeholders on emotive and often subjective topics, such as the importance of environmental impact, carbon neutrality or the cost/benefits of novel approaches.

Researchers and lecturers who have to contribute to the discussions/ dialogue/ or interpretation of research and have a lot to gain from the contributions of others.

Why attend?

Hear from well-renowned speakers on topics relevant to your project work.

Get involved with in-person breakout sessions which will contain a richness of content that simply can't be reached by listening to a recording.

Network with people who share your specific interests with our facilitated networking mechanisms.

Find out how the publication of British Standard BS202002, which distils the best practice from organisations across UK and internationally, affects you.

Gain ideas and tools for best practice that you can instil into your project work.

Benefits and Value and Governance SIG Conference

View some of the speakers presentation slides from the conference of 10 October.

Keynote: Building for legacy - The London 2012 Olympic Park

Jo Dobson, Associate Director, Useful Projects


The London 2012 Olympic bid committed to delivering the most sustainable Olympic Games of modern times, and to leave a sustainable legacy. How did they go about this, what have the outcomes been so far, and what can other major projects learn? This session will explore these topics, covering both the environmental and social legacy.

Prioritising sustainability using benefits management 

Hugo Minney, Benefits SME, Sellafield Ltd


Hugo will bring together his and your experience in his session, to explore ways that benefits management can be used to change the focus of projects – both for good, and how to guard against it being used for evil. IPA and the GMPP are emphasising the need for benefits management across all government-funded work, and for-profit and not-for-profit are beginning to understand what a powerful tool this discipline is, but it’s going to take our collective wisdom and experience to make sense of it. Expect to be challenged – and also appreciated!

The Governance of sustainability

Katherine Ingham - Principal P3M Consultant, Costain and
Roger Garrini - APM Governance SIG Committee


When analysing the issues of sustainability, it is clear that many issues will be addressed with complex projects and programmes which provide opportunities for good governance to influence. It is important that the Governance is sound and the PM community must be supported. We will discuss these issues in this session.

Sustainability and Leadership

Ian Cribbes, Founder/Director, IMC&T Ltd


The climate and sustainability are very much in the news and have been for some time. How often do we hear “big business is all about profit (money) at the expense of the climate”? As Project Professionals, many is very senior positions within large organisations, where do we sit with regards to this, and other, questions? As both Project Professionals and Leaders within organisations what should our responsibility be? How can we balance the need for success of the organisation and need to address sustainability and the climate?

Impressions towards the London 2012 Olympics legacy

Emily Robinson, Chief Executive, London Sport


Based on a report from London Sport analysing the success of the legacy of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games, Emily will deliver a thought-provoking session on the benefits or otherwise of the London 2012 Games. With some questions and suggestions for the future.

Project, Asset, Network, System - Value

Esther Gordon-Smith, Benefits Lead, National Highways


Project, Asset, Network, System à Value.  Benefits Management, Transforming Infrastructure Performance and the UN SDGs.  How can we help tackle the climate, biodiversity and pollution crises, and ensure a brighter future for people, and what is the role of benefits management in that?

The importance of sustainability in decision making

Dr Lauren Tuckerman, Senior Lecturer, Oxford Brookes Business School, Oxford Brookes University


This session will use insights from recent research projects to understand how the SDGs can be used in strategic decision making to frame and align sustainability with organisational goals. We will go through two examples, before a short interactive session stimulates your thinking on how to best use the SDGs in your strategic thinking. We hope that you will come away from this session with some tools that might support you towards sustainable decision making in your organisation.

APM Benefits and Value Specific Interest Group

The APM Benefits and Value SIG formed in April 2019, using synergies from these two linked interest areas. It brings a clearer focus to value management and benefits realisation in our increasingly complex world in ways which serve the needs of members, their stakeholders and the profession.

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APM Governance Specific Interest Group

The Govenance SIG base our investigation on published governance requirements, on recognised standards and on the experience and knowledge of our members. 

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