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Welcome to the APM Benefits and Value Interest Network.

Ready to make a difference? Dive into our network and become part of something truly special. Whether you're passionate about volunteering, seeking valuable resources on Benefits and Value, or eager to network with like minded project professionals at our exciting events, there's a place for you here.

Volunteer opportunities await. Join us to create positive change! From webinars to networking events, there are countless ways you can contribute your time and skills to make a difference.

Discover valuable resources. Empower yourself with knowledge and tools to drive progress forward. Explore our resources below filled with insightful articles, practical guides, and useful tools designed to support your career.

Benefits management The identification, definition, planning, tracking and realisation of benefits. 

Value management A structured approach to defining what value means to the organisation. It is a framework that allows needs, problems or opportunities to be defined and then enables review of whether these can be improved to determine the optimal approach and solution.

Definition from APM Body of Knowledge 7th edition

What is benefits management?

We bring a clearer focus to value management and benefits realisation in our increasingly complex world in ways which serve the needs of members, their stakeholders and the profession.

We are made up of a community of practice (active volunteers, in working groups and also includes the committee members); and a community of interest (the wider APM membership with a specific interest). 

P3M (Portfolio, Programme and Project Management) deliver outcomes for a reason – to solve a problem (such as regulatory, cutting costs) or create an opportunity (new product, new market).

The investment in the project has to be justified, and it’s the Benefits and Value that justify the investment.

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Podcast series

Featured resources

A Guide To Using A Benefits Management Framework 322X193
A guide to using a benefits management framework

Instructive and insightful, this guide puts benefits at the heart of your organisation.

"The guide develops an understanding of the need for benefits realisation, offering a framework for addressing contextual factors and developing the capability to realise benefits."

Exploring How To Design Effective 322X192
Exploring how to design an effective survey on Benefits Management

As part of a longer term project to deliver a high quality survey instrument to evaluate enablers and barriers to adoption, the Benefits & Value Management SIG would like to share their findings on designing an effective survey on benefits management. 

Guide for effective benefits management in major projects

Developed by the IPA, the report covers key benefits management principles and activities for major projects.

Introimage Whatispm Whatisalifecycle 340X204 2
Benefits management lifecycle

Neil White and Rebecca Casey have written a practitioner's guide to benefits management, published in the autumn 2017 issue of Project.

Introimage Resources Whatispm Whatisbenefitsmanagement 340X204
What is benefits management?

Developed by the IPA, the report covers key benefits management principles and activities for major projects.


APM Bens And Value SIG News Thumbnail 245X150
Creating successful programmes using benefits: A panel debate podcast highlights
The second podcast video in the "Benefits and value for the portfolio" series. Highlighted edition
APM Bens And Value SIG News Thumbnail 245X150
Artificial Intelligence projects – How they’re different and what you need to know to succeed webinar
How to prepare for the demands of data management, QA, and stakeholder expectations. Reviewing the challenges of hidden bias and artificial stupidity, and how they can impact project risk and compliance.
APM Bens And Value SIG 500Px Outlined
Creating value in portfolios: A panel debate podcast
The third podcast video in the "Benefits and value for the portfolio" series.
Creating successful programmes using benefits: A panel debate podcast
The second podcast video in the "Benefits and value for the portfolio" series.
Optimising portfolios using benefits and value management: A panel debate podcast
First podcast video in the "Benefits and value for the portfolio" series.
Debate: Which will contribute the most to project success, data processing or culture? webinar
We’ve seen national debates, where the panellists are remote and most of the audience don’t have a chance to join the discussion. We brought it local on 27 April 2021 - our four panellists (three from the North East of England) were joined by 20 contributors, again mostly from the North East, and I can say with confidence that most people knew each other at least by reputation. Which makes for a very different style of debate.


Gettyimages 1202989822
APM’s sustainability conference round up: you can make it happen!
Think about what you love; hedgehogs, standing next to a clean stream, your family and community, the security of having a job – how much do you love it? How would you describe that love, that desire, to someone or to an alien visiting?
Gettyimages 1323851976
Seven deadly sins of benefits management
This article is about the new British standard on benefits management: applying benefits management on portfolios, programmes and projects — A guide. There’s also a launch video recording.   There are ways to do benefits management correctly, and there are common practices that are toxic. As you read these, the Seven Deadly Sins, consider whether you have seen them in practice and comment below with your experiences — without naming the organisation, of course! 
Gettyimages 1323851976
the British standard on benefits management at a gallop
Benefits management is not new although if you consider the state of success of British projects, you would be forgiven for thinking that nobody does it. Of those that do, many have invented their own processes, some of which work, and some don’t.  
Gettyimages 1323851976
A new British standard: benefits management
Benefits management is the way we used to do things. It feels as though we have lost our way since then which is reflected in the poor project success rate . By restoring the focus onto benefits, we can improve success. And if ‘what gets measured gets done’ is true, then by measuring the benefits, it’s far more likely that projects will be successful. 
Gettyimages 910928700
Building for legacy — the London 2012 Olympic Park
When I was invited to talk at the APM Benefits and Value and Governance SIG Conference on the legacy of the London 2012 Olympic Park, I jumped at the opportunity. This is the project that defined the future trajectory of my career and one I am immensely proud to have been involved in.
Gettyimages 1356070782
Why putting ESG objectives first is the obvious, but not instinctive, thing to do
We all want to do "the right thing", but this often conflicts with other habits and beliefs. The result is that when it comes to choosing where we invest our time, money and human resources, it comes down to both how disruptive the change would be and return on investment rather than return on ESG. This is true for senior executives and project managers alike.  

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