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Welcome to the Enabling Change SIG community.

The SIG was established in January 2014 to improve the change capability of organisations, teams and individuals.

The Enabling Change SIG is a highly collaborative SIG, supporting and enabling the change agenda across other SIGs, reaching out to SIG and APM members through the Branches, and participating in change related discussions across the APM. 

We have a balanced focus on internal and external activities, establishing and developing partnerships with other relevant organisations and groups in order to ensure that we are at the forefront of thought leadership on change-specific topics.

Our mission

The Enabling Change SIG’s mission is to 'improve the change capability of organisations, teams and individuals'.

How we work

The Enabling Change SIG aims to develop and sustain individual practitioner, team and organisational change capability by facilitating access to and exploration of change methods, standards, case studies and good practices.

We have a growing collection of reference material on our website, and have produced an introductory guide.

We foster “Change Practitioner Groups”: communities of senior change practitioners in public and private sectors, academics and authors who wish to share their knowledge and experience, explore and address challenges and opportunities for enhancing the change capability of their organisations, teams and individuals.

We also conduct innovative research to support our work and generally advance the body of knowledge relating to enabling change.

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Why focus on change capability?

The pace of change is constant and ever increasing. Organisations, teams and individuals are in a more or less permanent state of flux as they respond to technological advancements, competitive and economic pressures, and changes in local and global policy and legislation. 

Programmes and projects are created to enable the resultant range of business, technological, environmental and process change initiatives. There are common factors that contribute to the success of such change programmes and projects, many of which are well documented in the plethora of change methods and standards available to us. 


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The committee have regular virtual meetings.

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Hugo Minney
  • Why benefits managers and change managers are the perfect partners
  • Date: 12 August 2020
  • It’s widely reported that we make decisions with our hearts, and then use our brains to justify the decision. Executives (directors, management) in organisations try to do it the other way around – to make a decision based on the evidence, and then create the emotion that inspires everyone to go along with the change.
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Donna Unitt
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