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APM Knowledge Specific Interest Group


Specific Interest Groups (SIGs) discuss particular aspects of project management to further understanding and good practice.

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About this SIG

Knowledge management The holistic, cross-functional discipline and set of practices concerned with the way organisations create and use knowledge to improve outcomes. 

Communities of practice A type of learning network used within and between organisations to maintain, develop and share knowledge.

Definition from APM Body of Knowledge 7th edition 

Knowledge is a subject that touches every aspect of project, programme and portfolio management P3 and we welcome membership from across the P3 community. Do you:

  • rely on the success of projects?
  • directly influence the way things are done in projects?
  • manage projects?
  • have experiences to share?
  • get frustrated by poor knowledge practices?
  • want to know how to collaborate more effectively?

If so, you can benefit from joining the SIG and the SIG can benefit from your membership. Because there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for effective KM, our focus is on building a dynamic community of project and knowledge professionals to develop and share understanding of knowledge issues in project environments. SIG events are interactive and we build in plenty of time for networking and informal knowledge-sharing.

The SIG team members have backgrounds in both project management and knowledge management: as practitioners, researchers and managers. We have worked in utilities, construction, higher education, defence, banking and health; and in public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

The SIG covers topics including strategic knowledge and information management; practical knowledge management; collaboration; social networking and social media; and organisational and cross-organisational learning.

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What is knowledge?

"Knowledge Management (KM) is the systematic management of information and learning. It turns personal information and experience into collective knowledge..."

APM Body of Knowledge, 6th edition, section 1.1.5

"Knowledge is the most valuable of an organisation’s intangible assets.

Knowledge management practices

In practice, good knowledge management is mostly about creating an environment where people want to share what they know.

It includes HR interventions and networking, however these practices are difficult to translate into the systematic processes that project managers are used to.

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News by this SIG

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Consultation for 2025 edition of APM Body of Knowledge launched
Association for Project Management (APM) has launched its consultation to review the APM Body of Knowledge in preparation for the publication’s eighth edition in 2025.   
Professor Carl Gavin Thumbnail
APM Body of Knowledge editor for 2025 edition announced
The Association for Project Management (APM) has announced that Professor Carl Gavin has been appointed editor of the APM Body of Knowledge 8th edition, which will launch in 2025.  
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What value does knowledge management bring to project management - APM Knowledge SIG survey 2022
Knowledge management (KM) is about learning from others and sharing what you know so others can benefit. This survey is to capture your experiences and scenarios so that we can explore with you where KM can add value.
Debate: Which will contribute the most to project success, data processing or culture? webinar
We’ve seen national debates, where the panellists are remote and most of the audience don’t have a chance to join the discussion. We brought it local on 27 April 2021 - our four panellists (three from the North East of England) were joined by 20 contributors, again mostly from the North East, and I can say with confidence that most people knew each other at least by reputation. Which makes for a very different style of debate.
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Talented writers wanted
Partner with APM to write and publish a book about stakeholder engagement or leadership. We’re looking for talented writers who can work with us to develop and write a book about stakeholder engagement or leadership to compliment the eagerly anticipated publication of the APM Body of Knowledge 7th edition (BoK) in spring 2019.
Body of Knowledge 7: meet our editorial team
Written by the profession for the profession, the APM Body of Knowledge has been the foundation for successful project management across all industries and sect

Blogs by this SIG

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Projects vs. Parasols: seven ways to make the most of the summer as a project professional
Whether or not you are planning your own getaway over the next couple of months, there is a good chance that many of your colleagues will be heading off for at least a week or two. Meanwhile, back at the office, many of our projects must keep moving apace. How can we ensure we all get to make the most of the summer while flexing around holiday absence and keeping things going smoothly? 
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Challenges for career changers entering the project profession and how to overcome them
We spoke to project professionals who changed careers and entered the project profession after working in a different industry. Here are some of the challenges they faced when starting their new roles and what you should look out for.
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How to execute a project successfully
Ruth Murray-Webster, APM Body of Knowledge Editor, shares her tips on how to execute a project and the skills that project managers need to complete the task successfully.
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Has project management become too complicated for its own good?
Project management is governed by methodologies. You may be an adherent of agile, scrum or waterfall ¬– but increasingly, many find that projects don’t simply fit one approach, or even a ‘hybrid’ approach. Over the past decade, the project profession has grown, enabled by specialist software, training programmes, certifications and qualifications. The project management software market alone is expected to grow from $5.37bn in 2020 to almost $9.81bn by 2026.
Why you should engage people, not manage them
Engaging people is about forming partnerships and moving away from trying to manage their behaviour. Elizabeth Harrin and Gordon MacKay share their advice.
BOK7: Approved for release in spring 2019
APM Body of Knowledge, 7th edition, has been approved for publication in spring 2019.

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