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Consultation for 2025 edition of APM Body of Knowledge launched

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Association for Project Management (APM) has launched its consultation to review the APM Body of Knowledge in preparation for the publication’s eighth edition in 2025.   

The APM Body of Knowledge provides the concepts, functions and activities that make up professional project management. It reflects the developing profession, recognising project-based working at every level, and across all sectors.  

The current edition (seventh) was a significant rewrite that has become well established in the profession. The eighth edition will focus on refinement and, drawing on good practice and evidence, maintaining pace with our fast-moving profession.  

The consultation is integral to the update, ensuring the next edition meets the needs of the profession. The APM Body of Knowledge is long-associated as being written by the profession, for the profession; an ethos that will be maintained for APM’s upcoming edition.  

Scott Walkinshaw, APM’s Head of Knowledge, said; "The field of project management is in a constant state of evolution, always progressing and introducing fresh ideas. Our objective for the upcoming edition is to embrace this dynamism while building upon the success of the current edition.  

"A regular five-year review cycle provides us with the perfect opportunity to uphold established best practices and bring the next edition in line with contemporary perspectives, encompassing areas such as agility, leadership and project data, among others.  

“As always, we eagerly seek input, experience, and ideas from professionals across the board to aid our lead editor, Professor Carl Gavin and his editorial team in crafting the eighth edition to ensure it continues to serve as an invaluable resource for the whole profession." 

The consultation is exploring three streams for the review:  

  • How can APM update or make improvements on the current edition’s content?  
  • What are the new topics that are impacting our profession now and in the future that should be added to the APM Body of Knowledge? 
  • How can APM make the APM Body of Knowledge more accessible and what formats best support that for the profession?  

As part of the consultation process, APM is inviting project professionals to complete a survey to share their thoughts on the content of the new publication. 

You can complete the survey here.


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  1. Mark Smith
    Mark Smith 13 July 2023, 03:32 PM

    A timely addition would be the application of artificial intelligence to project management. Topics could include automation of receptive tasks such as data entry for plans and reports, data analysis for performance reporting, decision support, diagnostic, forecasting and predictive analytics for forward assurance. Also AI as a contextual P3M knowledge base, mining and application of lessons learned and as a training tool. Key areas of the APM BoK which could be updated with reference to AI include: 1.3.6 Investment Decisions 2.2.3 Information Management 2.2.4 Audits and assurance 4.1.3 Options and solutions 4.2.4 Estimation 4.2.7 Resource optimisation 4.3.3. Risk management 4.3.4 Contingency management

  2. Albert Lester
    Albert Lester 20 July 2023, 07:17 PM

    Now is the opportunity to correct a serious omission in the last BoK and include a chapter (or section) on Safety which is taken very seriously in the construction industry. (See the chapter on Safety in the 8th edition of my book "Project management, planning & control" (Elsevier) Albert Lester Hon.FAPM

  3. Gareth Pugsley
    Gareth Pugsley 31 July 2023, 02:17 PM

    I thought Bok 8 was coming out this year in October. Is this not the case?

  4. Richard Renshaw
    Richard Renshaw 12 August 2023, 04:45 PM

    Hi Gareth, For information within the survey introduction; "Publishing in 2025, the next edition of the Body of Knowledge will build on the successes of our current edition and will continue to champion the views and input of the profession." I hope this is of help.