APM Programme Management Specific Interest Group (ProgM SIG)

"Programme management is the co-ordinated management of projects and change management activities to achieve beneficial change."
APM Body of Knowledge, 6th edition, section 1.1.2

Programme management is focused on the delivery of change within an organisation or environment. The transition from projects delivering outputs to embedding new working practices as business as usual, requires a planned and systematic approach necessitating leadership, drive and commitment.

Our strategy will be delivered using the lens of the APM FIVE Dimensions of Professionalism, namely:

Breadth (Body of Knowledge: concepts, terms & activities that make up a professional domain including publications & articles)

(Competence framework – knowledge & experience under technical, behavioural & contextual domains)

(Qualifications, especially programme-related, aligned to IPMA's 4 level certification)

(CPD - Events broad range of BoK topic areas & appropriate delivery methods)

(Delivery of services to ProgM / APM members & SIG communications)

Our vision:

Our mission:

In line with APM regulations the mission of ProgM is:

  • To provide a forum for effective learning and development, that promotes the science, discipline, tools and techniques of programme management
Preview the latest publication: APM Introduction to Programme Management
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About us

Many of the ProgM SIG members are experienced practitioners who share a passion for learning and improving programme delivery. We work in partnership with the public and private sectors, academic institutions, and many other organisations.

Our members coach, facilitate and speak on programme management topics at conferences and events, thereby sharing knowledge, experience and good practice. ProgM SIG is digitally-savvy and particularly active in writing blogs, participating in online-forums and using social media.

ProgM SIG is open to new ideas; always listening to, and learning from, others. We welcome contributions from all members of the community of practice.

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  • Major programmes: Creating a uniform rhythm
  • Date:12 December 2017
  • Creating a uniform rhythm and sense of urgency on major programmes is a significant challenge. Supply chains are now global. No longer can the programme team always be within close geographic proximity so the programme manager can watch over them.
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  • Applying the KISS principle
  • Date:9 November 2017
  • Keep It Simple, Stupid (sometimes referred to as Keep It Simple and Straightforward) was a principal invented and first applied by the US Navy in the 1960’s. Yet it is as relevant today for the project management profession as it was then.
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