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APM Risk Specific Interest Group


Specific Interest Groups (SIGs) discuss particular aspects of project management to further understanding and good practice.

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About this SIG

Risk management The potential of situation or event to impact on the achievement of specific objectives.

Definition from APM Body of Knowledge 7th edition

What is risk management?

The Risk SIG provides a forum in which to share knowledge and ideas, develop expertise and understanding, foster ‘best practice’ and actively promote the adoption of project risk management.

The Risk SIG holds four events per year in January, April, July and October in various locations around the country. In addition we support many local APM Branch events, other APM SIGs and conferences organised by professional bodies and organisations. The Risk SIG is the only independent organisation in the UK specialising in project risk management.

The Risk SIG’s objectives are:

  • to enable effective management of risk;
  • to provide a forum for sharing experience and knowledge;
  • to promote best practice in development of guides;
  • to establish specific qualification standards for APM qualifications;
  • to facilitate the training and development of risk practitioners;
  • to promote links with other recognised professional bodies;
  • to provide a forum for sharing latest tools and techniques;
  • to provide an opportunity to network with people from similar/different roles/positions. 

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Featured resources

Mini Guide Pram 322X193
Project risk analysis and management mini-guide

This guide provides an introduction to the processes involved in project risk analysis and management.

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The importance of collaboration between the project team, end-users, and stakeholders in managing complex decisions and risks in project environments

Collaboration between project teams, end-users, and stakeholders is crucial for effective risk management. The study emphasises the use of the Porter model and Agile methodologies, highlighting the importance of end-user involvement, frameworks like TRM and ERF, and adaptive decision-making for successful project outcomes and risk mitigation.

News by this SIG

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Integrated Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis (ICSRA): Demystified webinar
Provides an overview and demonstrate progressive approaches and techniques to ICSRA which can be used at various stages throughout a project’s lifecycle, and using outputs to make better informed decisions and consider additional actions.
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Reference Class Forecasting - useful method, or random number generator? webinar
Addressing the why, when, and how to use Reference Class Forecasting (RCF) as a method to predict uncertainty in major project planning and delivery. The key reason behind cost and schedule overrun is underestimation of risks, and the root causes of underestimation are optimism and political bias. This webinar was held on 18 October 2023.
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Demystifying Project Risk Management: Practical Tips for Practitioners
Projects are risky and risk management is an integral part of managing projects. But for many projects, managing risk is a chore and it doesn’t seem to help much. In this session, David Hillson tackled some important aspects of risk management that are often overlooked or poorly understood, providing practical tips to make it work on your project. This event was held on 18 April 2023.
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Time to rethink and review the yearly project risk register
Reviewing the project risk register.
Winter 2022 Front Cover Square Crop
Why does the project progress often get delayed by issues I had not foreseen?
Why does the project progress often get delayed by issues I had not foreseen?
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Driving projects "looking through the windscreen": multi SIG conference 2022
The aim of the conference was to look at refocusing how we plan and execute projects, and we challenged the participants by asking – “If we went on a journey the way we plan and execute projects would we get to our destination, and would we get there on time?” The focus of the day was on driving projects like cars - looking ahead, ‘through the windscreen’.

Blogs by this SIG

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Resilient risk management in agile projects
risk management
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Tips for practitioners on risk management engagement
Many businesses treat risk management as part of their financial or project management processes and assign its use exclusively to commercial or project needs. Although there are professionals and processes that specialise solely in risk management, businesses should realize the benefits and wider impacts that a controlled approach can have on their teams and functions. Businesses often separate risk management because it’s difficult to measure how successful or effective their risk management process is. When risks are effectively managed, there are very few surprises and it becomes impossible to assess the effectiveness of the risk management actions.  
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Invisible barriers to megaproject success
The project volume is there, but so is the risk. And we have a simple choice; we will either keep going as we always have, playing major and megaprojects like a lottery and usually (two out of three projects) failing, or we will finally get to the bottom of why megaprojects systematically go wrong so we can course-correct at the root cause level and put in place the critical path to have megaprojects succeed.
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Threats and opportunities in the risk management of projects
Risks can be negative and positive but to avoid confusion, should we overhaul risk terminology for projects? An APM survey reveals that opportunity management could benefit from its own process - one that is separate from risk management.
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Understanding your project mission: what to achieve and why
What can project managers can learn from the the Army's ‘mission command’ philosophy, where you are told why, but not how? George Edwards explains how to break down the mission goals into deliverable tasks.
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Adapting and responding to difficult conditions in projects: perspectives from a veteran
Former Royal Marine Simon Willey shares his lessons on adapting and responding to difficult situations to ensure a successful outcome. He says the ability to identify what can potentially go wrong in order to positively react to emerging situations when it matters the most.  

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