APM Corporate Affiliate


Demonstrate your commitment to improving the effectiveness of your project management community to your staff, management and clients with the APM Corporate Affiliate package.

Access a wealth of digital resources developed and maintained by APM, including the APM Body of Knowledge and the APM Competence Framework. APM resources provide a depth and breadth of understanding and a consistent approach and common language for your project management community.

As an APM Corporate Affiliate, your benefits will include:

  • Access to a wide range of APM digital materials for your project management community, including the latest version of the APM Body of Knowledge and the APM Competence Framework. By arming your workforce with knowledge, you make a commitment to their professional development that will see them prosper as individuals, raising the professional capability of your company.
  • An allocation of places at regional corporate network events, providing CPD opportunities for your project professionals. They will learn about key topics and new developments in the profession, network and share learning with others in your area.
  • Access to telephone support from APM, with the option to buy additional support from an APM Partnership Development Manager.
  • Early access to the white papers from our newly formed exclusive Corporate Partner round table events. These events will address the topical challenges of the profession, bringing together experts from different sectors to develop modern solutions and innovation.
  • Access to the dedicated Corporate area of the website, providing updates and resources for our corporate clients. APM’s many resources span the full breadth of the project profession, giving you the tools to expand the knowledge and skills of your workforce.
  • Use of the APM Corporate Affiliate logo to demonstrate your commitment to the project management community. The APM logo is seen as a mark of professionalism, and will build trust in your clients, employees and peers in the profession.

If you are not yet in the Corporate Partnership Programme, then please register your interest or call us now on 01844 271690 to find out more about how the APM Corporate Partnership Programme can help your organisation.

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