1b Draft Content Review Pack available for download

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The documents available for download provide you with:

  1. the content for review,
  2. the questions that will be discussed at your review event, and
  3. feedback that was sent to the authors as a result of the draft 1a consultation.

Please ensure that you have read the content prior to the review meetings, and come prepared with answers to questions and any queries or other comments you may have, so that we can maximise the output from the group discussion.

Under some sections, you will see that there is more than one draft (where you have both v0.1 and v0.2). Content under these sections will be different, reflecting contributions from different authors. Please review both submissions, recommend the best content to go through to next round, and provide comments on the recommended content only. If you feel that a combination of the 2 is the best use of the content, this is of course an option, but please avoid commenting in detail on items you do not feel should be included.



Posted on 4th Apr 2011
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