9th RPP Assessor Conference in London on 23rd April 2015

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9th RPP Assessor Conference in London on 23rd April 2015

Event Title: The 9th RPP Assessor Conference
Format: Face-to-Face
Date: Thursday, 23 April 15
Location: ETC Venues_ PADDINGTON

57 N Wharf Rd,
W2 1LA


I. Agenda:

10.30 Welcome and Introduction (Gill Hancock)
10.35 Update on RPP figures (Samantha Yeo/Alison Venters)
10.45 APM Update (Gill Hancock)
10.55 Quality Assurance (Gill Hancock)
11.25 Break  
11.40 Programme Update (Sophie Neal)
13.15 Lunch  
14.00 Exercise Discussion in Verification Groups All Assessors
14.45 Feedback from Each of the Verification Groups All Assessors
15.15 Close  


II. Conference Attendance:
Please confirm your attendance for 23rd April 2015 to Shohreh Golfard (Shohreh.Golfard@apm.org.uk) by the deadline which is Monday, 30th March 15

*Note: your attendance on at least one RPP Assessor training event per year is a contractual obligation

(final attendees list will be published here when confirmed closer to the conference)

  Important notes:

  • Wearing name badges at  any of these RPP assessors conferences is required; in case you need a new name badge, please contact Shohreh Golfard couple of weeks prior to the event and we will arrange it for you at APM cost
  • Traveling expenses for attending these conferences will be reimbursed by APM and the expense forms and attached receipts are to be sent (by email/post) to Shohreh Golfard.
  • Standardisation exercise is to be carried out by all assessors regardless of their attendance by the given deadline (Monday, 30 March 15) prior to this conference. (Carrying out this exercise is not chargeable to APM)
  • All assessors’ exercise reports will be recorded and forwarded to their assigned verifier for analysis and group discussions.
  • At the conference day all group discussions notes will be collated and posted here for your future reference.


III. Standardisation Exercise:
This conference exercise focus is on scoring and providing feedback on a portfolio assessment case
Please return your completed exercise to Shohreh.golfard@apm.org.uk by Monday, 30 March 15
Attached below you will find this exercise and, all supporting documentation; Please use this information and forms just as you would when scoring and commenting a portfolio assessment in a real scenario.
We look forward to seeing you and another successful working day on 23rd April 2015. If you have any queries with this respect, please contact Shohreh.golfard@apm.org.uk

Posted on 6th Feb 2015
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