A brief history of leadership: What every PM should know about evidence based leadership, 27th May 2015

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Aberdeen attendees were delighted on Wednesday 27th May to welcome Professor Jonathan Passmore for the May presentation evening. With this expert in the field of leadership he lead an engaging evening, with his chartered psychology background, he is professor of leadership and coaching psychology and managing director of Embrion, an Aberdeen based psychology consulting company.

Professor Jonathan Passmore took the audience on a brief tour of 100 years of leadership theory, and what recent research tells us are the key attributes of good leaders and whether these vary in different situations and circumstances such as in high risk industries or social care.

Specifically the presentation succeeded to:

  1. Provide an overview of the key leadership models over the past 100 years
  2. Summarise current ideas on leadership thinking
  3. Indetify the key attributes from research which make a difference
  4. Explore whether environment impacts on leadership styles
  5. Suggest five key behavious that PM's could focus on to get more from their teams.

Aberdeen chapter

Professor Jonathan Passmore kindly made his material available for the month of June. Please be advised that the presentation has now been removed on Thursday 1st July 2015.

Posted on 29th May 2015
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