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The Royal Scots Club in Edinburgh was the venue for February APM Agile Governance event.  42 APM members attended the event with guest speakers Adrian Pyne and Brian Wernham from the APMs Governance Specific Interest Group. 

A presentation full of slides, videos, flip charts and audience participation ensured the audience was treated to a memorable evening.  Brian and Adrian not only brought their knowledge of Agile Governance, the evening was also an opportunity for members to ask questions to APM board member Brian and RRP assessor Adrian relating to their other involvement with APM.  Combined with all their other commitments Brian and Adrian are currently working on their publication, Agile Governance a Slim Guide.

Brian kicked off the presentation with the idea that ‘adapting to change is as difficult as swimming up a waterfall’.  Brian highlighted Agile can be used in several sectors and is not limited to any particular area. Agile should not mean loss of control and is not incompatible with classic Project Management, it’s just a case of inverting the classic ‘iron triangle’.

Adrian took over the batten from Brian in this seamless presentation to cover Organisational Project Management and the ‘unwritten rules’.  In order for agile to be successful Adrian suggests identifying aspects that need to change and what needs to be overcome. 

Erin Clerihew
Scotland branch committee member

The slide material has kindly been provided from the speakers.

Brian Wernham - Agile Governance

Adrian Pyne - Agile Governance

Posted on 27th Feb 2015
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