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Posted by Kirsten on 23rd Nov 2017

The agile knowledge page has two new additional resources which we would like to highlight. The APM Research Summary Series has published an overview of the IJPM article ‘Does agile work: A quantitative analysis of project management success. This summary of the article provides insight into what the paper is about, it’s methodology and research findings.

Methods of project management often fail to take into account changes outside the project that can be beneficial or harmful to its success. Projects that achieve the goals set at the beginning can still fail if, for example, it has ignored new technology that has been developed during its course.

By remaining open to new ideas and changes throughout the course of a project, agile methods of project management appear to contribute to a more successful end product.

This article looks at the benefits, or not, of applying an agile (i.e. flexible) method of project management, as opposed to more traditional methods. The article concludes that agile methods have a positive impact on a project’s success.

We have also added two videos of an insightful interview with researcher Susan Clarke who recently published the report ‘Can agile be scaled’ and spoke at the WiPM Conference. In the videos Susan explains what is scaled agile, the benefits of agile and how to adopt it at scale (doing things with more teams), and how large organisations can make the most of it, especially as it is much more responsive to change.

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