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APM Research Summary Series

The Association for Project Management (APM) Research Summary Series provides practitioner-friendly summaries drawn from published articles from the International Journal of Project Management (IJPM)

Why we created the APM Research Summary Series

In 2014-15 APM conducted a research consultation to establish the main challenges and opportunities faced by key stakeholder groups. One of the three main priority areas focused on disseminating cutting-edge research for practitioners. 

It was appreciated that a large body of research already existed but often the formats, length and language wasn’t that accessible to non-academics. APM has responded by repurposing selected articles in order to help meet these practitioner needs.

Who are these summaries for?

  • Learned practitioners who are keen to better understand cutting-edge research who are often time poor, they may sometimes struggle with the academic language contained in journal papers and may also lack access to academic journals.

  • Students who may struggle with academic papers in the first instance might use the papers as a ‘stepping stone’ to better understanding the full papers.

Latest articles

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Three domains of project organising

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Managing change in the delivery of complex projects: Configuration management, asset information and ‘big data’

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Project portfolio management in practice and in context

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Occupational stress and job demand, control and support factors among construction project consultants

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The project benefits of Building Information Modelling (BIM)

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Does agile work? - A quantitative analysis of agile project success

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Differences in decision-making criteria towards the return on marketing investment: a project business perspective

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Institutional development, divergence and change in the discipline of project management

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Explicating the dynamics of project capabilities

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Benefits management: Lost or found in translation

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Understanding the professional project manager: Cosmopolitans, locals and identity work

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Corruption in public projects and mega projects: There is an elephant in the room!

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How are the summaries produced?

Summaries are produced by experienced technical writers who have a proven track record of converting academic text for public audiences in conjunction with the original academic author(s) where possible. Each summary paper includes the opportunity for the original authors to include a short paragraph around how the subject matter contained has moved on, or whether there is anything practitioners should be aware of since the original article was published, if relevant. 

How are the summaries selected and what is the importance of feedback?

Summaries might be selected for a number of reasons: they support APM’s research themes or priorities, they are currently one of the most cited or downloaded papers featured in the International Journal of Project Management (IJPM), or APM has received suggestions from members or from the wider project management community to produce a practitioner paper based on a current IJPM paper or subject.

We would very much like to hear from you around your thoughts on any summary paper(s) you may read – how did you find it? Was it useful?  How did you use the paper? What papers or areas would you like to see in the future? Your feedback and insight is important to us as we would like to pass this onto the original author(s).

Please contact us with your views and suggestions at

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