An end to lies, damned lies and statistics derailing projects

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Famously popularised by Mark Twain, the phrase “lies, damned lies and statistics” still rings true for project managers across the globe.

For many projects, the success or failure can be determined by the misuse and abuse of classic influencing tactics used to coerce project leaders into making decisions which may not be best for the project.

To address this issue, APM is pleased to announce professor Andrew Sharman chief executive of RyderMarshSharman as a stream speaker at the upcoming Scottish Conference 2016 on the 8 September, who will be giving a self-defence masterclass which will help project managers defend themselves against lies and influencing tactics.

Contemporary examples will be shared to show how these actions are woven throughout our daily lives with the aim of parting you from your money, your health and wellbeing, or to derail you from your project.

Whether you are a senior leader or freshly starting out in project management, you will learn practical self-defence techniques that you as a project manager can use immediately to spot the lies and flip the situation to build better inter-personal relationships at all levels and efficiently, effectively and honestly influence your stakeholders.

Andrew Sharman joins a line-up of industry leading speakers sharing thought leadership so you can stay up to date with the latest techniques for successful project delivery and leave the conference with all your vital project management questions answered.  




Posted on 29th Jun 2016
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