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APM North West branch: University Video Competition launch 2015-16

APM North West banch: University Video Competition 2015-16

The committee of the North West branch have agreed a new initiative to promote engagement with the student community across the region.

This takes the form of a competition to produce a short video promoting the project management profession and the range of project and programme management skills available in the North West. The intention is to promote team working between students from project management, business management, media studies and other courses to work together on the design and completion of the video.

The branch will shortly form a separate working group to co-ordinate this initiative, drive the schedule and handle any queries that may arise. We may be able to arrange, for example, a visit to the university during a “welcome” week in September by a branch committee representative to explain the initiative in more detail.

The branch is also continuing to develop a case study brochure which highlights significant projects completed in the region. The video will widen this showcase material beyond just printed documents.

Phil Hardy
North West branch Chair


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