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APM to feature in Daily Telegraph report on project management

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Posted by APM on 12th Mar 2013

APM will be supporting the Daily Telegraphs special report on project management. The special edition of The Business Reporter will be distributed inside Britains best selling quality daily newspaper on the revised date of Wednesday 3rd April*.

The Business ReporterThe report will highlight the key issues an organisation needs to focus on in order to make its project successful what are the pitfalls and what are the priorities. From major projects like the Olympics and Crossrail to smaller internal projects within an organisation, the report will examine the areas that organisations need to focus on in order to make their project successful by exploring the critical issues of managing and attracting investment, hands-on project management, handling clients, delivering transformational change and ensuring knowledge transfer.

The Business Reporter will also look to close the perception gap between media hype and real project outcomes.

Alongside other interesting thought-provoking articles APM will set out how it plans to achieve the ambitious vision of creating a world where all projects succeed.

Dont forget to pick up a copy on Wednesday 3rd April to read articles on all aspects of major project management including*:

Major projects require massive investments. The Business Reporter will look at changing perspectives on capital investment across the operational life of major projects, and examine new thinking on the best ways to fund long-term projects.

Transformational projects
Transformational change programmes are often major projects in their own right ranging from new premises and IT systems to new processes, cost reductions and organisational change. The Business Reporter will look at key issues, from defining programmes, planning and execution through to managing and championing change across the organisation?

Longevity and complexity
Major projects such as airports and power stations, or sporting events such as the Olympics, can run for years as long as half a century. The Business Reporter will debate the challenges, including political and regulatory changes, and examine how project managers must adapt and juggle competing priorities.

Reputational risk
When high-profile projects go wrong, reputations can be shredded. Sometimes the project as a whole is successful, but one relatively minor problem attracts a wave of adverse publicity. Heathrow T5 and its baggage problems are a stark example. The Business Reporter will look at ways to protect reputations and manage both expectations and publicity.

Managing relationships
A successful project starts with effective client management. Clients need to understand issues and challenges and define clear goals. The Business Reporter will look at the effective methods for managing relationships to deliver value.

Capturing success
Learning lessons and the transfer of knowledge are key aspects of the UKs success in major project management. The Business Reporter will look at techniques for ensuring lessons learnt on major projects are shared and disseminated.

*Publication date and editorial subject to change.

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