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APM Webinar 18th May 2015 - How change professionals lead and execute meaningful change

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Posted by APM on 21st May 2015

ChangeFirst is one of just under 20 methodologies that the ‘Methods and Standards’ theme within the Enabling Change SIG is in the process of documenting, as part of our mission to build our members’ capability for managing change.

So we were delighted to have ChangeFirst’s CEO, David Miller, address our webinar on 18th May.  We had a good turn-out, as ever, with a peak attendance of about 283.  Apparently delegates sometimes broadcast the webinar to a number of colleagues sat in a meeting room at their location, so the number of participants may even have been higher.

Delegates had also been given the opportunity to take part in a survey ahead of the webinar, and about 70 people did this, so that David was able to share the outputs during the session.

There was a lot of rich content in David’s presentation, so do take the time to review the slides and/or listen to the recording of the webinar.  We had a limited time to address all the questions that came through.  Answers to some of these are also included in the webinar [and we will add ChangeFirst’s answers to the others as a separate attachment in due course].

The ChangeFirst white paper can be accessed here

N.B. One of our key principles is to be method ‘neutral’ so that we allow and encourage you to make your own assessment of what methodology will work best for you.

We plan to post our notes on the full range of methodologies that we are exploring amongst the other reference documents on the Enabling Change website. This should happen early in the summer.  So do keep an eye out at this link https://www.apm.org.uk/news/enabling-change-sig-capabilities-and-methods-pillar

The webinar and presentation slides can be viewed below.

Elisabeth Goodman
Methods & Standards Theme
Enabling Change SIG

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