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Apprenticeship key to bringing in new talent for BAE Systems [Video]

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The Higher Apprenticeship in Project Management is a key means to bringing new talent into BAE Systems.

Ken Groves, director of project management for military air and information at BAE Systems, fully advocates the scheme in a video produced by APM called Higher Apprenticeship in Project Management: the Professionals Perspective.

The Higher Apprenticeship in Project Management scheme, which is embedded in a five year Project Control Foundation Scheme at the organisation, provides very capable people who help to deliver projects and programmes for BAE Systems. Ken said: They understand the business and the competencies required of a good project manager. They are then capable of delivering against those competencies.

It is this nurturing of talent to the specific needs of BAE Systems that allows the organisation to move the Apprentices around the business so they can gain the vital experience and develop into the next generation of very sought-after and skilled project managers. Ken added: They can slot into a multiple of programmes and projects around the business. For that reason they are in demand when they come out of the process.

BAE Systems have created 18 places on the Higher Apprenticeship in Project Management scheme 11 within the military air and information (MAI) business and seven in the maritime submarines business. These two key areas for BAE Systems are at the leading edge of defence technology and offer an unrivalled track record and expertise in the design, development, delivery and support of military aircraft and submarine programmes such as Typhoon, Astute, F-35 Lightning II along with their emerging unmanned technologies.

Loyalty and dedication

Daniel Barron who joined BAE Systems as a project control Apprentice as part of the original intake believes the scheme offers a route in to the profession post A-Level giving him access to the skills competent professionals need in project management. It is this investment by an employer that an Apprentice really values encouraging them to be motivated and committed. Daniel said: As an Apprentice I bring enthusiasm, youthfulness and fresh thinking to the business.

I believe if a company is nice to its Apprentices, its Apprentices will be nice to the company and repay them in terms of loyalty, dedication and drive in the future.

These sentiments are echoed by Ken: One of the key benefits to BAE Systems at the end of this process is we have a loyal community of individuals.

Ken, who has recommended the scheme to other organisations, summarises perfectly by saying the scheme is a win for the students themselves and its a huge win for BAE Systems in delivering capability in to the organisation.

If your organisation is interested in learning more about employing Apprentices please contact APM. Alternatively, for more information about the scheme please visit the Higher Apprenticeship in Project Management webpage.


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