Avoiding conflicts before they arise and branch Annual General Meeting

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Following the Scotland branch Annual General Meeting, Nick Fewings from Ngagment works gave an interactive presentation on "Avoiding conflicts before they arise"

Nick is an award winning Behavoural Psychologist who, in his own words, loves getting inside people’s heads.  Nick has spoken at over 400 conferences and shared his tips and techniques from over 17 years of experience.
The theme emerging from the event was that people are the reason for conflicts, whether this be due to not appreciating colleagues, or due to confusion surrounding team culture / dynamics.  Nick described the different behaviours from Psychological preferences including attitudinal and functional and will make decisions based on a number of factors including logic, relationships amongst others.  

Each attendee was then provided with four coloured cards and asked to choose which one best describes them.  The theory behind the resulting colour choice then suggested which other colour would complement your style and understanding the colour style can be used to build a project team, ensuring the right people are doing the right job.  This ‘complement or clash’ game was a great way to demonstrate the basics to a successful team where the team members are well suited to their role in the team.

Erin Clerihew, Scotland branch Secretary

Posted on 24th May 2016
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