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Become an IPMA Project Excellence Award Assessor. Registration to the next assessors training which takes place in Warsaw 21-23 February is now open.

The project excellence award assessors are the heart of the assessment process. In each project case four or five assessors work together on an application in accordance with the IPMA Project Excellence Model.

The PE Award Assessors represent IPMA externally and are expected to be good ambassadors for IPMA and for the IPMA Project Excellence Award. There are numerous benefits to getting involved.

  • Take part in a training session to get to know the IPMA Project Excellence Model.
  • Practice how to use the model and how to assess projects objectively on the basis of an original application.
  • Get a detailed look at the acting of a project team that applies for the IPMA PE Award as during the on-site visit you will discuss with them methods, plans, procedures, matters of success and problems.
  • Have the opportunity to discuss and exchange views with well-experienced colleagues during the training.
  • Develop the special capability to assess impartially the quality of a project and to make it comparable to others. This ability will be useful for your organization and potentially for your customers.

For your chance to beacome an awards assessor and read more about the benefits of becoming an assessor and the duties involved register here.

Posted on 3rd Jan 2014
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