Benefits driven change programmes: Getting it right from the start

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Rob Lambert from the Cranfield School of Management presented to the East ofEngland Branchin April 2006 on benefits driven change programmes. Rob stated that increasingly organisational change programmes are required to demonstrate real delivery of organisational benefits. This can only be achieved if, right from early conception and through stage gate approvals, the programme has a strong benefits focus. Research at Cranfield School of Management suggests that programme business cases are frequently flawed and classic execution methodologies do not provide satisfactory solutions.

In this presentation Rob explored the quality of early programme thinking, he described emerging best practice for securing value from organisational transformation and posed questions for the audience to consider in relation to organisational change programmes. Rob used some fantastic pictorial slides during this seminar which captured the attention of the audience and helped to promote understanding of the subject under discussion.

Slides from Rob's presentation are available to download below.

Posted on 19th Jul 2010
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