Benefits Management SIG committee election 2018/19 results

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The Benefits Management SIG held their Annual General Meeting and committee election at 18:30hours, at the beginning of their Commissioning for impact, think PRUB! evening event held at the One Park Crescent, 1 Park Crescent, London, W1B 1SH on Wednesday 2 May 2018.

The following committee nominees put themselves forward for election, and were voted onto the Benefits Management SIG unanimously by the APM individual members present in the room.

APM Benefits Management SIG Annual General Meeting 2018/19 committee results

Existing members:

  • Alexis Blades
  • Richard Breese
  • Rebecca Casey
  • Tanya Durlen
  • Sarah-Louise Earl
  • Sarah Harries
  • David Liversidge
  • Bruce Phillips
  • Neil White
  • Merv Wyeth


New members:

  • Claire Dellar
  • David Golding
  • Martin Paver


Following the AGM election, at the first committee meeting for the 2018/19 period on 6 June 2018, the committee elected the roles of Chair and Secretary. Nominations were invited for the Chair and Secretary roles and were received from Neil White (incumbent Chair) and Merv Wyeth (incumbent Secretary) for Chair, and Sarah Earl for Secretary. The committee unanimously elected Neil White and Merv Wyeth to Co Chair the SIG with the proposer Martin Paver, and seconder Claire Dellar, and for Sarah Earl to be Secretary with the proposer Martin Paver, and seconder Rebecca Casey.
Alexis Blades stood down from the committee in July 2018, and Tanya Durlen stood down in September, after the 2018/19 committee election.
In October, Merv Wyeth stood down from his officer role as Co Chair remaining on the committee as a member. On 6 December 2018, Neil White stood down from his officer role as Chair, remaining on the committee as a member. The committee opened Chair nominations and on 3 January 2019 unanimously voted to elect Hugo Minney as interim Chair.

The new committee of voted on members for 2018/19, including those elected to the role of Chair and Secretary will formally begin their roles from Saturday 1 September 2018.

Those on the current committee who do not stand for re-election, or are not voted on by the APM membership, will continue in role and on the committee until Friday 31 August 2018 at 23:59hours for the handover and shadowing window.

Not restanding current committee members:

  • Ravi Joshi
  • Ned Newton
  • Steve Parker


The Benefits Management SIG's annual report for 2017/18 is attached for your reference as a reflection on the past year and also of the SIGs intentions going forwards.




Posted on 9th May 2018
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